О проекте
Sunwill is pop band from Tomsk, Russia. The band was formed in 2012 by five friends who played in different music groups. It was decided to concentrate only on Sunwill's music and quit all other projects. The genres of music which band plays can vary from alternative rock and pop music to electro and dubstep. Sunwill is all about reaching of new music horizons and the band always ready to explore new waters of music genres if they feel like it's a right choice.

To this moment Sunwill has shared one stage with British stars Hurts, the band also released a single "The Highlights" in California which is included on compilation "Record 2.0" and that album was released In USA, Germany, Russia and Malaysia. The compilation was supported by video with such legends in it like Dionne Warwick, Stevie Wonder, Jermaine Jackson, Larry King.

Music of band recieved high acclaim from some of world famous experts and from fans from different corners of the world. In a less than one month Sunwill got 50000 listens on a Jamendo. The song "Wonder Doll" is appearing as soundtrack to an almost 80 videos on youtube since one month of it's release on Jamendo. The band is getting new fans on daily basis on social networks and also band is appearing on different music magazines, blogs, charts and compilations.
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В Kroogi с 27 января 2013
Sunwill пока одинок(а). Станьте ближе!